projekt:new public spaces - urban parks
avtorji:aljoša trebše, udia

aleš rotar, udia

primož ocvirk, udia

leto proj.:1996


Positivistic traditions of western rationalism are becoming global. At the same time they lead subordinated society in optimization and capital movements uncritically. In this process they use materialism, strategies of resistance and postponement over complicated systems which are composed by different phenomena. In this manner they show us how unreal the reality become. Reality which images sacral objects, products which nobody wants, are misleading. Even nomadic nature of our industrial and easy leaving society, war, traffic or general chaos have not create a new space organism, new space relations. Influence of those social and spatial changes is shown also on the level of human living surrounding. While accepting the fact that we are victims of subconscious customs we neglect our fillings and thoughts which gives us developing power of ideas and forms and so we are lousing the opportunity to change space.


Is life four (4) hands high? There is a need to quantify experience to put a scale on the existential. But the biggest hole is dimensionless. Measure is a way to predict. Measure an area, any area. Claim measure is its exegesis. But there is measure measurer cant measure. Therefore band your scale.


This is a machine we are interested in. Sometimes it works, sometimes it breaks. It gets messy dirty, greasy, it is erogenous, it is not confirmed by utility, it is not an idol, not a deity, it is both asset and liability simultaneously. So it hurts us, it is a tactile, you can bite it. It can be slick, quiche and polished, and it is not a solution, it is a solution and a problem. It doesn’t make the world better, it makes the world worse and better. it is not a progressive force, but it has increased the possibilities. Metaphysics is important because it propose the non linear complexity of rapidly changing conditions, which can only be a little bit predicted and even less controlled. We must get into a flow, into a turbulence of change and somehow to draw from it's illusive patterns and energies.


Whenever we look over the ocean the horizon is five kilometre away. But if we move it on TV screen it appears like a line. Two dimensional image which is a part of field of electronics impulses. Together they create continual stream of information. This everywhere present field of rays gradually diminishes the role of machines of industrialization. Technological change comparable to the one from beginning of XX-th century is approaching. The stream of electronically means in uniform concept of space and time. Meanwhile there are ideas arising to create local culture and local space identity between these two forces (cosmopolitan and local). New spatial forms are arising in process of medias inflow it seems. That all material gravity is disappearing. Inventions which are driving the world of information stream use the materialized impulses in visual field. Mutual dialect should be found instead of surrendering to technological metamorphoses of space in order to solve the problem heaving in mind instability of technological changes. If we manage to heap this two components (technological metamorphoses – metaphysical nature of space) together, we can talk about development of pure idea. This will react better to diversity of space rather than accept technological or style uniformity mixes space programs with coexistence of flats. Working premises, culture and recreation make social obstacles to rationalistic zoning. Meanwhile we will have to leave part of development to self development. Even the typisation of development is questionable. People work in their homes with computers or sewing machines … Their children are brought up by TV. The factory they yesterday used to work was become parking lot, shopping centre or ruin. The want mobility, unpredictability, capability to adopt. Tray can help themselves in different ways, i.e. with self organization and planning. These are two complementary processes becoming effective in development or every structure on different stages of course.


The park is constant and constantly changing. It is static, stable, durable and fluid, evolving, deteriorating doom and renewal, finite and infinite, truth in opposition, beauty through contradiction, look straight at it. Put down what you see. Don't run. Anyway, where would you go … at the end of the twentieth. We know that science cannot grow out of experience alone. That in construction of science we need to use free invention which only a posterior can be confirmed with experience as to it's usefulness a.e. We want mobility, fluidity, poise, agility, cause and effect are not the seem to form a logical chain, but exist as a parallel conditions in a fluctuating field of probabilities


The basic change of classical and ethical principles is happening on the global cultural level of our perception. The overview over mega urban environment, ghettos, hidden streets, subways, catacombs, walls that are falling apart has been lost. Computer design, monitoring of movements streams, virtual magnetic resonance of thinking, computer animation … are reactors of information which is marked by movement and light.